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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Good! “Dark Brandon” finds a work-around that constitutes a partial and entirely legal way to supply Ukraine anyway! Despite the Republican-run House not doing its job.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rebuked the US Supreme Court for the Dobbs decision, which overruled Roe v Wade. Their belief is that laws regulating women’s bodies are discriminatory against women.
They take a shot at the whole “originalist” theory, too. Personally, I’ve never found that theory at all convincing.

207 Ukrainian prisoners make it back home! This is the 50th prisoner exchange of the war.
Germany delivers more items to the front.
Speaker Johnson poses with representatives from the Baltic states, but doesn’t mention expediting Ukraine aid.
EU is trying to get a commitment for long-term aid to Ukraine.
Difficult civilian-military relations in Ukraine. Lots of issues around General Zaluzhnyi. Part of the problem was lack of gains over the past year, but that had to do with NATO providing too little at too slow a pace and of course the effect of drones was similar to that of machine guns in World War I. They made the defense of both sides much stronger.
Ukraine’s spy chief is confident that Ukraine will get through a Trump presidency just fine. Now that F-16s are on the way, he really wants the A-10 ground attack aircraft too.
Crimea hit. Column of AFVs taken out. More Russian stuff blowing up.

Very good piece showing that the Federal Judiciary has failed the American people by delaying justice for January 6th, the Mar-a-Lago papers case, the Fulton County RICO case and hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

But does it matter from an electoral standpoint? Wouldn’t it infuriate the American people to be told that Trump successfully gamed the system?


I think what's so frustrating to Biden opponents is that he gave instructions to his accountants to make his finances as boring as possible. If it was a choice between a few extra bucks and boringly straightforward, he wanted boring.

School is able to meet safely in Kharkiv despite shells and missiles hitting the city above as school is an extended part of the city’s subway system. Since the beginning of the year, Russia has launched 330 missiles and roughly 600 combat drones.
Woo-hoo! An SU-34 fighter-bomber shot down!

Over 8,000 Ukrainians, including 1,600 civilians, are now POWs held by Russia.

Netherlands sends €122 million aid package.
US sending Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB) that can travel 90 miles after launch.
More clarity on Commander in Chief Valeriy Zaluzhny.
Director of Central Intelligence has piece in Foreign Affairs. A new era began when Russia invaded Ukraine in February ‘22. Russia has lost 315k soldiers dead or wounded (US suffered over 291k combat deaths in World War II). The US has spent less than 5% of its defense budget supporting Ukraine. China is watching closely.
Russians looting a church.
Russia’s internet breaks down. The computers of the Russian Ministry of Defense were hacked.

In the recent case of Donald Trump v. E. Jean Carroll, Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba, found out that the defense lawyer and the judge had shared a law firm in the early 90s. Their tenures overlapped by two years and the defense lawyer never worked with the judge on any cases. Does this sort of wild, baseless, hysterical accusation help Trump to convince his MAGA base that his trial was rigged? Undoubtedly. Does it help Habba convince the judge that she’s a serious lawyer? Uh, no.

Update to the above post, Trump lawyer Habba has backed down on suggesting that the lawyer for the defense and the judge had a "mentor-mentee relationship," and stated that the matter was "seemingly resolved." Which seems like an awfully antagonistic way to put it.

Very interesting. Apparently Russia, that was supposed to have had far more in resources than Ukraine, is saying that it needs to draft hundreds of thousands of troops from North Korea, Iran, etc. Please note that Central Asian countries and Belarus have been free to contribute troops since February '22, and have not done so.

Russian pundits discuss the situation with Trump and US funding of Ukraine. They feel Trump is on their side, and he makes a lot of claims but is unreliable.

Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi remains in his post, yet may be soon dismissed

Zelenskyy discusses coordination with the EU and intergovernmental cooperation with individual countries.
Illia Ponomarenko defends General Zaluzhnyi.
Hungary doesn’t like being pressured by EU to approve package for Ukraine.
German arms industry and the German Defense Minister.

a Latvian member of the European Parliament, has been an agent of Russian intelligence for at least twenty years

Ukrainian history. Ukraine has been struggling for independence from Russia since at least 1918. “Thus far, the west has done just enough to stop Ukraine being defeated but not enough to enable it to win.“
Bill Kristol’s friend Tamar Jacoby, describes how Ukrainians respond to air raids. Again, a “domino effect” is very much on the table if Ukraine falls.
Ukraine ready for mobilization. Infantry is the most needed specialty.
Treaties alone cannot protect Ukraine. Armed force is needed.

Keep in mind that the deadline for the House to complete four appropriations bills that would keep the government open was January 19th. That deadline was extended because of Congressional hard-liners making excessive demands. The new deadlines are March 1st for half of the appropriations bills and March 8th for the rest. So with the House already behind schedule, they want to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, because of course they do!

Pretty amazing stuff here! State legislators in Mississippi seem pretty hostile to democratic concepts. This statement was especially troubling: “’It took 50 years … to overturn Roe v. Wade,’ said Mississippi House Speaker Jason White.” Let’s please keep in mind that neither advances in medical knowledge nor changes in public opinion had anything to do with overturning Roe. Roe was overturned strictly because of personnel changes on the Supreme Court and that was due entirely to Senate Majority Leader McConnell manipulating the process to cheat Obama and then Biden out of their rightful Supreme Court picks.

So Speaker Johnson said that Ukraine aid would be held up until Democrats agreed to pass a bill on the border. Senate Democrats are close to doing that. But the Republican's Glorious Leader has indicated that it's to his political advantage that no deal be reached. So can Biden somehow thread that needle?

The only people winning in Gaza are the extremists in both Hamas and among Israelis. The countries benefiting from outside the region are Iran, Russia and China, the people benefiting are the antisemites, the Islamaphobes, neo-Nazis and the white supremacists.

Bibi [Netanyahu] is now blaming the families of the hostages for his inability to defeat Hamas, and Israeli reservists as well.

Israel arresting protesters in Tel Aviv.

The US’s response has been all over the map.

Blogger recommends better strategy for Israel.

Right-wingers try to “solve” a non-existent problem. I’ve seen a number of lists of banned books and have read a number of those books. Believe me, young people will survive reading them. In the meantime, librarians are quitting in droves, going to less censorious states.

Good! NATO has a plan to play hardball if Hungary keeps blocking aid to Ukraine.
Greece gives Soviet-era air defense systems to Ukraine. Hey, whatever! Anything and everything helps!
If House and Senate Republicans hear that Russia is offering “peace,” that then relieves them of any concern about Ukraine’s fate. “Ehh, Russia offered them peace.”
No international agency has been given access to the crash site of the plane that was allegedly carrying Ukrainian POWs.
Russian stuff getting shelled.
Turkey sends heavy machine guns.

This is very bad news for Israel! The International Court of Justice has made a preliminary ruling that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Also: “The court also rebuked Hamas’s continued holding of Israeli hostages.”

The International Court of Justice stopped short of ordering a ceasefire in Gaza, but DID order Israel to “take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of acts of genocide.” Israel’s actions are indeed covered by the 1948 Genocide Convention.

The US dismisses the ICJ finding that “there are plausible grounds that Israel is committing genocide.” In the meantime, the United Nations Relief and Public Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) fired a dozen out of 30k employees for having taken part in the October 7 attack on Israel. The State Department released a statement saying it had "temporarily paused additional funding for UNRWA."

Situation on the Texas-Mexico border. Not good. Not good at all! Texas Governor Abbott is receiving lots of support from other Republican governors.

Many hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians abandoned Mariupol when Russians took over. Russian real estate agents have been selling abandoned houses to Russians.

Fixer-uppers are plentiful and available at bargain prices, provided you're willing to make the necessary repairs (like missing walls, lack of power, plumbing, etc.), clean off the blood stains, and throw out old broken furniture, such as children's cribs.

Fascinating comparison of turnover rates in the Biden and Trump administrations.

Kyiv's bookshops offer a unique discount today: Bring in Russian language books for recycling, and the funds go towards purchasing a truck for the air defense unit.

Our blogger doesn’t necessarily agree with all the people he quotes, but thinks we should know what people are thinking anyway.
Zelenskyy acts to ensure that Ukrainian laws are consistent with EU laws.
Russia’s been set back, but it’s by no means defeated.
Russian propagandists like to remind Europeans that they are within range of Russian missiles. As long as Ukraine holds on, it’s all just theoretical. So far, Ukrainians are just holding the line. The US blockade of aid since October is reaching the level of crisis. US appears to be a paper tiger.
Russians are already celebrating the victory they’re gaining through House Republicans.
Russian ammo dump blowed up real good! More Russian stuff blowing up.
Attrition is working in Ukraine’s favor. “#Avdiivka offensive equipment loss numbers as of 26 January 2024. In summary: 574 RU losses vs. 44 UA losses”

An extremely good piece, pointing out the the NY Times is trying very hard to make the two sides appear evenly matched. One is as moral and decent as the other and that they represent similar constituencies. One of my problems with that view is that Trump has made it very clear that he puts himself and the Republican Party above country when it comes to Ukraine and the border. He doesn't want solutions to either problem as that might benefit Biden. That should be front and center of any article that analyzes the race for the presidency!

As I've said, Alina Habba, Trump's lawyer, is easy on the eyes, but not actually much of a lawyer. She said that “my witness who was her friend, who said that [E. Jean Carroll] is a drug addict and the drug addict is herself.” Then our blogger corrects: "The witness, who testified she had been 'hyperbolic,' had written that Carroll is like a drug addict." That's a rather important distinction. A lawyer with any degree of competence would have made that clear.

Very, very interesting

David Weiss has been investigating Hunter Biden for going on six years; he indicted the gun crimes just days before the statute of limitations expired on them.

Biden is, of course, charging Weiss for “selective and vindictive prosecution.”

Joe Sacco has been doing documentary comics with a few titles devoted to Palestine since 1993. The Comics Journal* and Sacco get together for a series of documentary comics on the current situation there.

*I was a regular reader of this magzine from the late 70s to the early 90s.

Woo hoo! Trump has to pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million! Saw a comment on TV saying the award is unlikely to be overturned.

"Poor Things"
Very interesting science-fiction that seems to be written from the woman’s perspective.

The nuclear safety and security situation at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya NPP remains extremely fragile with "very real" potential dangers of a major accident,

Zelenskyy says the Ukrainian government has thoroughly analyzed the ammunition situation. Ukraine also has new tool to get entrepreneurs to contribute.
Weapons for Ukraine are purchased from American companies. Texas and Florida both get nearly $1 billion in contracts a year. The swing states of Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin make well over $1 billion a year.
No major Ukrainian offensives on the agenda for 2024, but 2025 might see some movement. Drones will be a big part of new offensives. West has to ramp up production of needed items.
Comparison of today’s situation with that of the 1930s. Russia/Ukraine and Hamas/Israel are two struggles that are a part of the worldwide conflict between authoritarian and liberal states that have turned hot.
Hungary is a real problem as it’s a part of NATO, but it appears to be supporting Russia.
More Russian stuff blowing up.
Downing of the Ilyushin Il-76 still being discussed. Red Cross has not been permitted onto the crash site. Many questions.
Igor Girkin sentenced to four years in prison. He’s a leader among the Black Sea Cossacks.
Second major oil facility stops working due to attack from Ukrainian drones.

"GOP’s Nancy Mace reportedly had a bizarre plan on Jan. 6"
Hmm, rather interesting. Mace planned to get visibly wounded on January 6th. Of course, the challenge would be to get some photogenic bruises that would eventually fade versus sustaining any real damage.

The House wants to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Why? With what evidence? Tch, tch, tch! Democrats are so fussy! Evidence before prosecution? What a concept!

Very sad that a Representative hugely exaggerates the questions and uncertainties around the election of 2020. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins does a good job of pushback.

Senator JD Vance makes the ridiculous accusation that we don’t know where Ukraine money goes. Most of it goes to US arms suppliers.
Putin has decided NATO isn’t up to fighting Russia in the Third World War that he ha started and that has been fought mostly non-kinetically. Europe urgently needs to get itself onto a war footing.
Senate Minority Leader McConnell getting all wobbly on Ukraine aid as Trump makes it clear that he doesn’t support any deal on the Southern border. “Called Trump ‘the nominee’ and said ‘We don’t want yo do anything to undermine him.’”

Sources confirm that Trump is directly trying to tank Ukraine/border negotiations to deny Biden a political win and keep immigration as a campaign issue this year.

Zelenskyy’s birthday today.

Many Republicans want to aid Ukraine, but they won’t break with Trump over it.

Senator Romney speaks truth, but he’s on his way out the door as this is his last term.
Ukraine running out of ammunition.
North Korea to Russia-Ukraine front supply route.

More information on downed Il-76 plane.

Drone takes out training facility that was teaching Russians how to conduct drone strikes.
Russia stuff blowing up.
Electronic warfare against Russian drones,

"Navarro Sentenced To 4 Months In Prison For Refusing To Comply With Jan 6 Subpoena"
Good! It took a while to enforce this subpoena, but the system of Justice finally did its work.

Update (13 May): "Trump Enlists Deputy To Thank Peter Navarro For His Service In Prison"

When he endorsed Donald Trump for president, Senator Tim Scott said: "We need a president who will unite our country." But Trump is blacklisting anyone who gives money to both the Nikki Haley campaign and his own. He's also blacklisted a Republican strategist who worked for Governor DeSantis. Does Trump want unity? Well yes, but on his terms!

Russia is currently on a war footing.
700th day of the full-scale war in Ukraine.
Zelenskyy celebrates that a Senate Committee has concluded they can seize Russian assets and may soon be able to send more aid to Ukraine. The bill MIGHT squeeze through the Senate, but is DOA in the House.
A colonel was killed on a deep reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines.
Yesterday, 40 missiles struck residential areas in Ukraine. 18 people died.
Drones and helicopters make their way to Ukraine. Denmark gives $13 million to support cyber-defenses in Ukraine. The UK has raised its “military aid to £2.5bn this year.”
Russia claimed that Ukraine shot down a Russian plane carrying Ukrainian POWs. The list of names of Ukrainian POWs is suspicious as many of them are back home and accounted for. Where are the bodies? Numbers of passengers doesn’t add up.
Avdiivka under serious pressure.
Russian real-estate brokers selling houses in Mariupol where the residents have left or were killed.
Ukraine continues to receive too little, too late. Russia has made good use of the past two years to put its economy on a war footing. The West has not seriously responded.
“why our time window for rearmament is shorter than many believe.” A discussion of Russia’s strategy against NATO.

Five reasons to feel pretty good about the New Hampshie vote. Donald Trump beat Nikki Haley, but "The New Hampshire electorate highlighted Trump's general election weaknesses even as he dominates the Republican primaries."

An 11-year old tells his teacher he’s now used to the sound of incoming missiles.
Waves of missile launches. Kharkiv was attacked with three waves of missiles in a day! Many pictures of the devastation! The longer the republican-controlled House refuses to pass Ukraine aid, the more devastation Uranian will suffer.
Turkey approves NATO membership for Sweden, Hungary is the last to go.
Russian jammer discovered in Kaliningrad.

"AOC Is NOT Gonna Date You, Greg Gutfeld"
Y'see, only a woman columnist can write about how a Fox News host is "completely unfuckable." Hmm, interesting comment: "I'd rather be celibate like Melania for the rest of my life if that were my only way out."

Supreme Court says yes, federal officials can cut through razor wire that the state of Texas has put up. At least one Representative seems anxious for this to begin Civil War II.

Update (25 Apr): Immigrant migration is down at the Texas border, including at Eagle Pass, but it's not clear why.

Yeah, it would be a good thing if Republicans would soften their anti-choice stance with a pro-maternity stance as well. Problem is, the states with the strictest anti-choice policies also have the worst maternal care policies.

Death toll in Gaza is now over 25k. Injured are 61k. Reporter covers Israel’s history of expelling Palestinians from their land.

Ukraine is scrimping and saving what little ammunition they have.
Update on the Donetsk market attack. It was pretty definitely carried out by Russia. Craters appear to be from mortars rather than from artillery. Mortars simply don’t have the range to have hit the market from Ukraine’s front lines. Also, “Russia has a decades-long history of killing own people to blame others.”
Zelenskyy speaks of Unity Day.
Polish Prime Minister meets with Zelenskyy.
The Republican House STILL hasn’t passed Ukraine aid. Russia has 10:1 advantage in artillery. Ukraine still holding on.
Scuffle at a checkpoint.
Petroleum facility in Ust-Luga, Russia, even more damaged than thought.
Apple Corporation is paying money to Russia that’s going directly into the war against Ukraine.

Both Senator Tim Scott and Representative Nancy Mace received some really huge electoral favors from Nikki Haley and both endorsed Trump instead. What I thought was also quite sad was that they endorsed Trump on the basis of fantasies. Scott thought “We need a president who will unite our country.” Erm, okay. So why pick the most divisive candidate since the Civil War era? Mace thought the economy was great under Trump. Not really and certainly not after Covid hit.

The Pentagon denies that Taylor Swift is a psyop. No, “our precious bodily fluids” are not at risk! Swift just drives right-wingers crazy.

Not a joke. Russia has been suggesting it wants Alaska back. It was sold to the US n 1867. Putin and his buddies believe the West started trying to destroy Russia during the early Obama Administration.

Ukrainian forces shelled the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk

The Russian side categorically condemns this treacherous strike against the civilian population.

Of course, we could take Russians far more seriously had Russia not been routinely aiming artillery, missiles and drones at the Ukrainian civilian population since the beginning of the full-scale war nearly two years ago.
Ukrainian spymaster says the situation is neither fine nor catastrophic. He is not at all convinced that Russia will launch a nuclear attack anytime soon. Ukraine needs to mobilize 400k to 500k people to fill their ranks.
Naval attack on Sevastopol.
Gas condensation plant near St. Petersburg hit by “unidentified flying objects.”
More Russian industrial plans getting blown up.

So essentially, Governor Chris Sununu feels that Biden’s performance on inflation (In 2021, it was 7%, 6.9% in 2022, but down to 3.4% in 2023 and poised to go still lower) outweighs Trump wanting to be a dictator. Yeah, Sununu’s not a serious person.

Trump's vice-presidential hopeful insists, insists, I tell you! that no, no, no, Donald didn't confuse two women, both of whom he considers enemies. BTW, Trump claims he "was joking." Uh-huh. Sure. Right. Okay.

Kozak System concert in Lviv.” Those are phones that everyone is waving.
Cyborg is the term for those who defended the Donetsk Airport.
Zelenskyy: “Through the entire architecture of security commitments – a new architecture – we are effectively bringing to life, reviving the system of international law.”
House Republicans told that Ukraine is running short of critically-needed ammunition. 

Avdiivka. The hellscape of Russian liberation.

Russian stuff blowing up. Big fire in St. Petersburg/Leningrad!

That's a pretty bad “award” to get! Israel shares 6th place as a top imprisioner of journalists! They share their status with (In descending order) China, Myanmar, Belarus, Russia and Vietnam. Iran is tied with Israel.

The Italian philosopher, novelist, and semiotician Umberto Eco wrote about fascism in 1995. Hasn’t aged a day.

Will Russia attack NATO in the future? Russia is already attacking, they’re just not doing it in a “kinetic” fashion. They’re using stealth instead of force.
Drones are heavily contributing to the stalemate, keeping both sides from advancing.
Only way to win: Give Ukraine the materials it needs.

Very good piece. The interview is easy to find, just plug in "joy reid moms for liberty" into your search engine and it comes right up. What's very clear is that the Moms for Liberty co-founder never actually answers Reid's central question (words to the effect of): "Why should this small group of people get to decide for everybody else what every child should be able to read?"

Chair of the NATO Military Committee predicts all-out war with Russia in 20 years. Ukrainian are offering to defeat Russia now!
Democrats seem to be willing to make a deal in order to get Ukraine aid. Our blogger feels Democrat should have gotten enough money to last until after the next election, but the Biden Administration was too cautious.
Zelenskyy is pleased that NATO has supported Ukraine, but they could have really pushed for Ukraine to win.
There is no appeasing Russia.
NATO preparing for exercise with 90k troops. Russia has put its economy on a war footing, NATO has not. As the war in Ukraine grinds on, Russia consolidates more and more.
Foreign Affairs describes the Russian occupation of parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens are continually bombarded with Russian propaganda an every visual reminder of Ukraine is obliterated.
Ukrainian foothold across the Dnipro is slipping.
Can Ukraine hold on? Hard to say.
Russia’s gaining ground around Avdiivka.

North Korea emerges as vital ammo lifeline for Russia's artillery, enabling 5X daily fire rate vs Ukraine since fall 2023.

Ukraine eliminates effective Russian drone operators.
Russian stuff getting blown up!

Heh! Representative Elise Stefanik sounds to a blogger like an “old-school Kremlin Bolsheviks nominating the new general secretary and calling for an end to all this messy voting.” The piece goes on about irrational partisanship.

Senator Rand Paul likes to cosplay as a man who has “deep, principled concerns about the scope of government power.” So much so that he performed a 13-hour speech in the Senate over some civilian possibly getting killed by a drone. That was under Obama. How does he feel about the presidential candidate Donald Trump claiming he had the power to have a citizen assassinated?, ya see...hmm! Yeah, when we’re speaking of a Republican candidate, Senator Paul’s principles desert him!

Nikki Haley's idea of pardoning Trump after he's been proven guilty is a little bit better than Ford's unilateral surprise pardon of Nixon, but not much better. There was no "healing" after Nixon was pardoned and I don't see that Trump's followers would be grateful.

So we're hearing from %$#@ing No Labels again. I'm sure they realize that they're playing the role of Useful Idiots for the Trump campaign.

Piece on the US, the Houthis of Yemen, the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia and of course, the oil trade that uses the Red Sea and how it all relates to the Palestinians of Gaza.

With Trump and Speaker Johnson colluding with each other, the chances of getting any aid to Ukraine shrink dramatically.
Zelenskyy points out that many component of Russian missiles are made by Western companies.
With limited ammunition, Ukrainians have to work to make every shot count.

Destruction of the Russian T-72B3 on the Avdiivka front. Interestingly, the author points out that Russians used this previously abandoned tank as an ammunition storage.

Sevastopol partially blacked-out.
How foreigners are reacting to a possible return to power of Trump.

Sigh! What are the odds that the House will pass some sort of deal on immigration before (if) Trump takes office

Much of the party would rather have a campaign issue than a solution.

Wow! Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, is easy on the eyes, but doesn’t appear to know very much about the law. Trump likes to hire people who look good on TV. I guess he got what he wanted.

This is an important thing to keep in mind. Companies that produce cars that are run by gasoline have an economic self-interest in dissing electric cars, so we're getting stories about electric cars failing in cold weather. Actually, gas cars fail more frequently.

Republicans in the House are still determined to get a closed-door deposition from Hunter Biden, but he embarrassed them so badly by appearing and being ready to testify that they won't try to hold a contempt vote over him.

FrankenSAM is a hybrid air defense system jointly developed by the Pentagon, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Strategic Industry.

Speaker Johnson “dug in against President Biden’s efforts to revive stalled legislation to send aid to Ukraine
Germany and France step up to provide more aid to Ukraine.
Russia is now surpassing Ukraine in drone development.
Patriot air defense is extremely effective, but needs to be resupplied.
Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, says “[Ukraine’s] only choice is to become Russians or die.”
The Bradley IFV has to hit the Russian T-90M tank several times with its 25mm rapid-fire cannon, but the T-90M loses the fight.
Russia hits private hospital with missile.
Ukraine successfully tests a jet-powered drone.
Hitting Russian industries.
Hate and discontent expressed by regular Russians.

Huh. Nikki Haley demonstrtates her delicate dance where she acknowledges that she's running against Trump, but doesn't want to openly criticize him. She says: “’I haven’t paid attention to his cases.’ Really? Haley can recite obscure details from Gov. Ron DeSantis’ record from memory, but she has no idea what happened when a jury found Trump — the candidate she’s ostensibly trying to defeat — liable for sexual assault?”

In response to the case of Kate Cox and many similar cases, her life was not in danger, but her health and her ability to have children in the future were both very much at risk, two attorneys have requested that the Texas Medical Board "get off the sidelines" and issue clear guidelines for medically necessary abortions.

Update (22 Mar):  "The guidance was disappointing to reproductive rights advocates who were seeking more specificity and a list of conditions that could qualify."

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