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I kinda like this as an anthem for the left these days.

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Very good news on solar energy! We’re getting more and more panels into place!

Woo hoo! Federal minimum wage is still stuck at $7.25 an hour, but states have taken the initiative to raise their own wages.

Vivek Ramaswamy has been posting the video clip where Trump tells the January 6th attackers to go home. Can’t imagine why anyone thinks that clip is exonerating as Trump was clearly on their side and was hoping they’d succeed.


The Russian city of Belgorod was hit, but it appears that Russian air defense dropped some debris on the city. Ukrainians have no sympathy.
Hotel that houses many foreign journalists hit.
Ukraine is rebuilding from the strikes of yesterday. At least 16 people killed in Kyiv.
APC charges through deep mud puddles, “The Donbas Sea!”
Russian self-propelled howitzer meets HIMARS rocket!
Contribution link.

It’s now official. Israel has been charged by South Africa of committing genocide against the Palestinian people. Our blogger assures us that South Africa knows exactly what it’s talking about.

Why does Taylor Swift anger right-wingers so much? Probably because, for her first 10 years, she was “coded” (Wore the fashions of, spoke the language of) as a red-stater. Right-wingers feel betrayed.

What you're missing by not watching Fox News! The token liberal from The Five tries to discuss the last election and has to deal with "Hunter Biden's penis pictures."

Summing up the legislative year. The Republican-led House produced lots and lots of bills, but as they had no interest  in crafting bills that could win the Democratic-run Senate's support, virtually no laws got a presidential signature as they mostly never got taken up by th Senate. 

Year in review:

2022 Number of votes taken by House: 549
Bills signed into law: 248

2023 Votes taken by House: 724
Bills signed into law: 27

Largest Russian barrage of Ukrainian civilian targets ever! “The occupiers used a variety of types of ballistic missiles, air-launched cruise missiles, and Shahed UAVs to target civilian targets. A total of 158 missiles and UAVs were fired against Ukraine; 87 missiles and 27 Shaheds were shot down by Ukrainian air defense.” As Congress hasn’t resupplied Ukraine with air defenses yet, Russia is trying to make them use up their supplies.

The UK is sending hundreds of air defence missiles to Ukraine to restock…

Meanwhile, Israel gets emergency supplies for their 155 mm shells.
Biden makes official statement.
One of the missiles went into Polish air-space.
Zelenskyy visits Avdiivka.

More on the Houthi support for Gaza and their attacks on Red Sea shipping. As there’s no way to distinguish shipping that’s headed for Israel from other shipping, Houthis are simply attacking everyone.

Contributions from Norway, Germany and the G7 might have up to $300 billion in confiscated Russian funds that could be used for Ukraine defense. This is just a pie-in-the-sky plan at the moment. LOTS of work to be done!
A look at Russia’s goals. “Russia is at war not with Ukraine, but with NATO”
Russian stuff blowing up.

Seems that Biden's Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the ACA/Obamacare of the 2020s. The stakes are even bigger this time, because of human-caused climate change and because the IRA directly addresses that, possibly the survival of humans.

Representative Boebert gives a lengthy talk about why she's switching districts, but yeah, it pretty clearly boils down to "I can't win in my current district."

Representative Boebert is NOT favorably impressing her fellow Colorado Republicans with her planned switch of districts to represent. They’re calling it a “desperate stunt” on her part.

Odesa attacked with Shahed drones. Most shot down, but the debris caused damage.
Ukrainian defense industry employs about 300k people.
NATO is under-producing artillery shells, Russia is making plenty, even though their economy is about the size of Italy’s.
Daring escape by a member of the Azov Battalion.
Video of drone attack on a tank.
The remains of the Russian landing ship Novocherkassk are what the insurance companies call a “total loss.”

The same fellow who wrote “On Tyranny,” a guide for surviving tyrants, writes about Ukraine and repeats the refrain “Would You Sell Them Out?”

The war in Gaza, as seen from social media platforms such as TikTok. Young people are learning quite a bit about Islam as they go to online sources.

Senator Ron Johnson takes two positions on immigration, the first one showing that the Republican Party wants to preserve immigration as an issue and has no intention of solving the problem until, at least, after the 2024 election has been decided.

A committee of Democrats write to Supreme Court Justice Thomas and point out that the Code of Conduct he recently agreed to requires, for the credibility of the Court, to recuse himself from any case involving Trump

Updaye (4 Mar): When Justice Thomas was faced with a clear choice in the Trump immunity case, he essentially said "#$@% y'all!" and did not recuse himself.

Governor DeSantis complains that Trump's many indictments made him more popular and then wishes the indictments hadn't occurred. But...isn't that a problem with the party? Doesn't that indicate something is seriously wrong with the GOP?

Ukrainian bombers blew up landing ship Novocherkassk.” Russia has now lost 23 ships and boats! Ukraine essentially has no Navy.
Russia hits a railway station when it was packed with civilian travelers.
Training on F-16s.
General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, gives a press conference.
Ukraine needs aid, Ukraine is in a frantic arms race, with new innovations coming all the time, Russia just doesn’t care about losses.
Good! The EU is bypassing Viktor Orbán of Hungary in order to help Ukraine.
A Russian T-90M tank costs around $4.5 million. This one was taken out by a $500 drone.

Very interesting piece on Ukraine’s Christmas celebration Their celebration takes a lot from the pre-Christian Era (pagan rites were co-opted by Christianity) rituals and even takes some recipes from pre-Agricultural Revolution Ukraine.
A deepthink piece from the Ukrainian officer Tatarigami. He assesses how Russia would attack NATO once Ukraine is disposed of. Russia might try to reproduce Donbas 2014. A major concern is that Russia is currently demonstrating that it is willing to fight a war of attrition. Will NATO do so if that’s the only way to succeed?
Assessment followed by critiques.

Is Trump likely to win next year? Nah. The media has created a false narrative. Trump’ll lose.

The US has moved a carrier strike group off the coast of Yemen. Attacks on civilian shipping directly affect insurance costs. Moving routes from the Red Sea to going around Africa also adds lots of expense to commerce.

I don’t think the self-identified “prophet” Julie Green is in any way out of it or deluded. I think she’s a grifter who’s making lots and lots of money off of Michael Flynn and Eric Trump. She’s telling them what they want to hear.

Video of Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska at an awards ceremony for diplomats.
Netherlands are preparing to sen Ukraine F-16s.
Video of Zelenskyy speaking to diplomats.
Three Russian SU-34 fighter-bombers shot down.
Conclusion is that Patriot missiles shot them down.
Only then, with Russia on the back foot, will negotiations become possible.Absolutely! As long as Russia has ANY possibility of victory, negotiations will never happen. Yes, Ukraine is using artillery more effectively, but 20k shells per day vs 7k shells per day is very bad.
Russian stuff blowing up.
The US can do a little bit with drawdowns, but not too much. We really need Congress to appropriate money.

A scholar of Constitutional Law describes what the 14th Amendment covers. Conservative members of the Supreme Court like to cite original intent. The original intent in this case is quite clear.

The also-ran Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson demonstrates that she doesn’t understand how to define an insurrection.

Voter fraud is simply not a systemic problem, so investigations of such fraud inevitably end up targeting racial minorities that happen to vote Democratic.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan wraps up a year of accomplishing pretty dang close to nothing.

Ukrainians don’t have the luxury of war fatigue. They’re too busy defending their homeland.
Woo hoo! 34 out of 35 Shahed missiles shot down!
The clear objective of the Russians is to wear down Ukraine’s air defenses.
Germany delivers 120 Marder 1A3 IFVs.
Toronto Sun takes blatantly antisemitic tone.
Is Europe really standing tall for Ukraine? Or are they just convincing themselves of that?
Russian stuff blowing up. The TOS-1 makes awesome explosions!
US needs to get more M2 Bradley IFVs to Ukraine, ASAP!

Purity balls are creepy and gross but not uncommon among far-right evangelicals.” And sure enough, Speaker Johnson and his daughter attended one.

A look back at the year and the role that burning fossil fuels played in our climate.

A hilarious look at how conspiracy theorists explain human-caused climate change.

Russian propaganda claims that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy just purchased two yachts with US aid money. Amazingly, some US Representatives took this claim seriously and are using the claim as a reason to deny Ukraine further aid. The US has no effective way to counter Russia’s propaganda warfare.
Are we in an actual world war with Russia?
Putin certainly thinks so and has thought so since 2007.
US is juggling resources to deal with funding shortfall.
Remembering Bakhmut, a city of 70k, just two years ago. “It was a city of coffee shops, soccer stadiums, flower beds, fountains, and a famous local sparkling wine brand.” No one lives there now.
Russian stuff blowing up.

Rare interview with the commander of a Bradley IFV belonging to the Ukrainian 47th Mechanised Brigade.

Biden tries to keep it really simple. Of course the former president tried to carry out a coup!
Tiger Beat on the Potomac (
Politico), doesn’t want to come right out and say that Trump sure sounds an awful lot like Hitler did. No, they have to get all fancy and subtle and indirect about it. 

In most situations, comparing a political opponent to Adolf Hitler might seem like an extraordinary step. For Joe Biden’s campaign, it has become part of the routine of running against Donald Trump.

Hoo boy, what a mess! The Houthis want to cut off ships going to Israel, but with many ships flying "flags of convenience," it's difficult to tell, which means even more ships will be attacked. Petroleum products are affected, which makes even more of an incentive to switch to renewable energy!

Rachel Maddow covered this on her Monday show. Why does Trump sound a whole lot like der Fuhrer of the 1930s? Because that kind of rhetoric strikes a chord and causes some people to enthusiastically support Trump.

Woo hoo! Colorado has declared Donald Trump to be ineligible to run for president due to his taking part in a rebellion against the United States! Colorado is printing ballots very soon, so the Supreme Court has to rule on this question very quickly.
My own view is that even if Trump’s lawyers have parsed the terms to mean that a president is not an “officer,” I simply can’t believe that the authors of the 14th Amendment desired to permit a rebel to run for president. If they had truly meant that, they would have explicitly said so. Lys wants to return to his unit and fight alongside his brothers-in-arms.

More military aid for Ukraine will simply have to wait until the next legislative year begins.
Ukrainian p
lan is to mobilize about half a million men from age 25 and up. Woman can join if they want, but will not be compelled.
had a coal plant. “The biggest European producer of coke coal is now officially ruined by Russia to the point of no return.”
A Ukrainian office
r is frantically trying to acquire drones after a shipment was held up on the Polish border.
Film on the Azov Legion.

A deep dive into whether Trump read Mein Kampf. Maybe not, but Trump did have a book of der Fuhrer's speeches and he seems to have read them all very carefully.

Even the Israeli public is asking for a ceasefire! Israeli armed forces losing credibility.

US Marine veteran perishes in combat with Russians.
the Ukrainians have begun self rationing their remaining munitions, which has affected their planning and operations.” Both US and EU aid have been held up.
US aid will last until end of December.
Estonia estimates that Ukraine needs 200k artillery shells a month in order to fight effectively.
Ukrainians expected to hold out for months without military aid.
Ukraine is running low on recruits and has to begin a dr
ogger feels Ukraine is pursuing good PR strategy.
ssessment of Russia’s strategy.
A Ukrainian criticizes a NY Times story.
What the city of Avdiivka looks like now.
Fighting in the smoke and fog.
Polling in Ukraine on morale and support is decent. There’s strong support. Zelenskyy’s popularity has declined, but very few don’t trust him.

As Joe Biden once said “This is a big %$#@ing deal!” The Best Pope Ever is permitting priests to bless same-sex unions!

The Houthi of Yemen have now closed off the Red Sea to Israeli and America shipping. Major shipping lines are avoiding the Red Sea. How much shipping is effected? “Some 10 percent of world trade goes through the Suez Canal on 17,000 ships a year.”
Also: “There have been Shiite militia attacks on US personnel in Syria and Iraq, with more threatened.”

Ukraine is dominating the airspace above Avdivka, but they had to concentrate their resources, which left other areas vulnerable.

I like this interviewer! MSNBC's Symone Sanders-Townsend understands the issue well enough to be able to call out lies as soon as they’re uttered. She’s also willing to toss the schedule aside in order to answer a liar.

In contrast, back in July, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis about abortion. DeSantis said some nonsense about “post-birth abortion” which translates to plain old murder. Instead of challenging DeSantis right away, Tapper had a very weak and delayed response.

Ukraine is running short of manpower and needs to mobilize.
Our blogger dates World War III from 2007. What’s baffling the US and our NATO allies is that it’s largely non-kinetic. It’s fought mostly through propaganda and influencers. What we need to do is to counter-influence by using the truth.
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan
feels Russia is putting on a brave face, but is very badly hurting. Sullivan doesn’t really understand the many reasons why the war will continue for a while. We need to understand their perspective as opposed to just mirroring ours. Trump, in contrast, understands Putin perfectly. The two work well together.
Ukraine is fighting a long-term war that will continue for the foreseeable future.
Russia shoots down a Ukrainian SU-25.

Review of M109, an American self-propelled howitzer.”

Just because I’ve been seeing posts about “OMG! Fraudulent election ballots in Georgia! This is the biggest, most awful scandal evar!!!!” Nah, some errors were uncovered, no fraud and nowhere near enough to affect the results.

More on the 10-inch thick binder that contained information on the Russian attack on our democracy in 2016.

Illia Ponomarenko spells out Putin’s conditions for Ukraine to surrender.
TikTok took down over 12k accounts that were spreading Russian propaganda about Ukrainian officials owning luxury cars, clothing, boats and houses.
Blogger feels that, over a decade into World War III, we in the West don’t have a handle on Russian/Chinese information warfare.
US Cyber Command has no idea how to make mem
Is Ukraine in a “proxy war?” No, because Ukraine will continue fighting long after the aid runs out.
Book recommended on Bakmuht, before and during the war.
Film on an artillery position.

"Godzilla Minus One"
Awesome mass destruction film! Godzilla is awfully formidable here. Very good characters. Very interesting look at how the Japanese settled back into a ruined Tokyo after World War II and how they gradually rebuilt their lives.. 

The M777 is a howitzer that can fire shells that are accurate to within 10 meters or 33 feet after being shot from 24 kilometers or 15 miles away.
Lithuania steps up to supply Ukraine.
Ukraine has liquidity through January, but things get tight after that.
Russian losses in Avdiivka.
Russian stuff getting blown up.
Russian artillery barrels not doing so good as they need to be replaced after a certain number of shots.

Way too much “BothSides” from former Ohio Governor John Kasich. No, Caspar Weinberger didn’t suffer from too much partisanship, he was investigated because he was part of the “October Surprise” plot of 1980. The reason Weinberger didn’t serve jail time is because the elder George Bush pardoned him. But the fight between Rs and Ds got nasty because people like Newt Gingich and Rush Limbaugh made it that way!

Peaceful demonstration in Kyiv over the budget.
Zelenskyy visits the commander of US forces in Europe.
The European Council has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine & Moldova.
Viktor Orbán of Hun
gary was given €10 billion, so he might have grumbled, but didn’t object
The allocation from the US to Ukraine was in the NDAA,which is good, but actually getting to spending the money isn’t a done deal.
Germany steps up and provides.
Estonia pledges o.25% of its GDP to helping Ukraine.
Big Russian missile strike for third day in a row.
Putin identifies Russian goal for the war with Ukraine as complete capitulation.
Interview with member of the Avdiivka garrison.
Huh! There’s such a thing as an anti-drone rifle!
Kyivstar will need weeks to recover from cyber attack.

Woo hoo! Great news for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. awful news for Rudy Giulani! He owes them some big bucks!

Yeah. This

The more Republicans abuse their power and pursue a baseless and evidence-free impeachment crusade, the more they jolt the Democratic base and create a fresh target for the president to run against.

Blogger also brings up a West Wing episode that's quite relevant today.

"A Binder Full of Top Secret Info on Russian Interference in 2016 Election Went Missing Under Trump"
Yeah, I'd say there's about a 100% chance that that binder has been in Moscow, with Trump's good buddy Putin, for the past 2+ years.

The deaths of Palestinian citizens in Gaza is unacceptable. Netanyahu must end the attack on Gaza!

Overseeing the financial disclosure statements of the Judicial Branch must be done with a staff that has no connection to any active judges. Yes, that means the Chief Justice must be relieved of his duty of overseeing the financial disclosures that judges make.

Notice that Maria Bartiromo of Fox News isn't trying to catch Representative Nancy Mace in a "Gotcha!" kind of question! But Mace's answer on the proposed impeachment of Biden reveals that there's no serious substance behind the Republican charges.

A look at protest marches as viewed by the media.

But journalism isn’t stenography and journalists tip their hands all the time. They make choices about what’s news and how to frame it; what to include, emphasize, or omit; who gets quoted and who’s considered a reliable source or expert.

Zelenskyy goes to a much better reception in Norway than he got in the US.
He also spoke at the Second Ukraine-Northern Europe Summit.
20 drones and missiles intercepted, but people hurt by falling debris.
Biden pledges to supply Kyiv as long as possible. “As of right now, as long as we can is about two more weeks.”
Biden Administration proposing seriously compromising border policies to get Ukraine aid. The fault for this is Biden’s. He should have nailed down Ukraine aid when he had the chance in 2022. Biden’s people are “already taking the negative political hits without any actual upside.”
EU to unblock €10bn for Hungary ahead of Ukraine summit”
in order to get Hungary to support Ukraine.
Norway, Denmark, Latvia and Germany all step up to support Ukraine.
Russian propagandists tell us how they see the war.
A look at the city of Mariupal under occupation.
Russian stuff blowing up.
Russian hackers claim they were the ones behind Kyivstar cyber-attack.

Yep, the Heritage Foundation was once a bastion of hawkish GOP interventionism. No longer, as the Republicans Glorious Leader has now turned against Ukraine.

Huh! Elizabeth I was the first to bake gingerbread men!
Also, lots of stuff here on
Biden Administration trying to help Ukraine.

Kate Cox, the woman who had to leave Texas to get reproductive care, is a constituent of Senators Cornyn and Cruz. Neither senator feels as though he can support either the Texas Attorney General/Texas Supreme Court or Ms. Cox! They've both maintained a cowardly silence.

Lech Walesa’s still around. Polish hero in the last years of the Soviet Union.
Zelenskyy visited the US and spoke with senators and representatives,
where he had “friendly and candid conversation” with them.

Ukraine’s greatest wish is to near this war’s victorious end. No one but Putin wants a prolonged war. We dream of a Christmas in peacetime.

There was apparently a lot of hate and discontent in the top ranks of Ukraine. That appears to be all settled and cheers all around.
Massive cyber attack on Ukraine’s mobile phone system. Also affects air raid warning systems.
Russian troops are REALLY hurting at Avdiivka. Since October, Russia has lost over 13k killed and wounded plus 220 vehicles.
Video of Russian soldier reviewing losses on his side.
New Polish Prime Minister looks forward to a “full mobilisation of the free world to help Ukraine."
Russians love how House Republicans are holding up aid to Ukraine.
Assessment of Fiona Hill. Russia wins when Ukraine loses.
Russians feel they can outlast Western support.

Special Counsel Jack Smith asks an extremely good question that cuts to the heart of the various Trump prosecutions. Is the president immune to prosecution for crimes that were committed while he was president? Trump is claiming he’s immune. I agree with the blogger that if Trump’s claim is upheld, then we’re no longer a democracy.


Just four years ago, [now-Speaker] Johnson blasted Democrats for opening an impeachment inquiry into Trump largely along party lines less than a year before the next presidential election…

Hmm. Sounds rather similar to what Republicans are doing right now, doesn’t it? Gotta say, for an alleged Christian, the lies come off of Johnson’s tongue as smooth as butter!

Trump says that a NY Times reporters is claiming that "I want to be a Dictator, but doesn't mention it was said in a joking manner." Bit of a problem with this is that Trump doesn't have any sense of humor. He doesn't joke about anything.

Woo hoo! All 26 cruise and ballistic missiles were shot down! Not one exploded on Ukrainian soil! Eight of the missiles were aimed at a large sewage treatment plant.
Zelenskyy had a very busy day in Washington DC, with lots of speeches and meetings!
He speaks at the National Defense University of Russia today battling the freedom that was launched back in 1989 with the coming down of the Berlin Wall.
Britain and Norway providing the beginnings of a Ukrainian Navy!
A discussion about Russia’s objectives. People who advocate negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow should take note.
Situation in Avdiivka, on the outskirts of Bakhmut.
Progress on resolving the Polish-Ukrainian border problem.
Companies from 70 countries are supplying components for Russian drones.

This is why it’s critical that there be a cease-fire in Gaza. Surely, it’s not Israel’s intention that the Palestinians there should die of disease and/or starvation!

Many abortion-banning bills contain an exception for the life and/or health of the woman involved. In Texas, a woman tried to use that exception. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is trying very hard to see to it that the exception is used as little as possible.

[Paxton] went on to argue that Cox’s numerous health risks aren’t life-threatening enough to qualify her for the procedure.

Update: Texas Supreme Court, agreeing with Paxton, says Kate Cox’s condition was not immediately life-threatening, therefore she had to wait until her pregnancy actually threatened her life before she was able to have an abortion.

Rudy Giuliani reaches that “cranky old man” stage where “I’m absolutely right about everything! (bangs fist on table) And everybody else is wrong!” (hits table again)

2023 will end up being the warmest on record for the last 125k years!

Antarctic sea ice loss is accelerating at frightening rates

Both President Zelenskyy and Hungary’s elected dictator Victor Orban visited Argentina to meet the new president.
Zelenskyy will head to Washington DC to coordinate with Biden and his people. Orban will too, but he’ll meet with the Heritage Foundation
and some Congresspeople.
A bit less than half of US voters believe the US is spending too much on aid to Ukraine. Serious partisan tilt to the numbers.
Putin brags about how Ukraine is smaller and weaker than Russia.
Russians near the Dnipro River are having serious problems with reporting actions up and down heir chain of command.
Poland has new vehicle in the fight, an”M120 Rak self-propelled wheeled gun-mortar.”

Tch, tch, tch! Howard Kurtz of Fox News is very annoyed that people keep talking about Donald Trump wanting be a dictator! The fact that he has shown precisely such tendencies is just on of those nagging little details.

An exploration of comments like “From the river to the sea…” and their meaning and the disastrous responses of university presidents.

Does being anti-Zionist equal being antisemitic? How do we oppose racist language while preserving free speech?
The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) says: 

We therefore call on all members of the US House of Representatives to refrain from making policy on the basis of the conflation of anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

Senator Tuberville asks a reasonably good question. Why is recruiting down? Recruiting is down 37% since 1987. I served from 1991 to 2001, my commands were generally 1/3rd women. As recruitment has fluctuated since 2001, this is hardly some recent cultural problem. In a survey of why people won’t join, no one mentions any cultural issues. Basically, potential recruits don’t like the idea of getting hurt or killed and long separations from family and friends. History of Americans and the military tells us that if there is a real threat, then they’ll overcome those things and join up anyway.

Russia’s economy is already geared up to be a war economy while the US can’t even get bills to help Ukraine passed. It would really help Kyiv to begin negotiations for EU acceptance. Russia has created a global food crisis that encourages NATO to reach an accommodation with it.
North Korea unable to produce ammunition up to par, Russia soldiers eating snow, corpses all over the place, Putin doesn’t care. He’s winning and he knows it.
Russia used video manipulation to make it appear that American celebrities supported Putin and that Zelenskyy is an addict. Russia also attacking Ukrainian agriculture. The US does not have any good response to what Russia is doing in cyberspace.
Ukrainian explains why the Bradley M2A2 Armored Personnel Carrier is so valuable to troops.

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