Recently you filled out an online application for United for Peace & Justice - Delaware Valley Network to become a member group of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ). Welcome to UFPJ, the largest and broadest antiwar coalition in the U.S. Uniting local groups and national organizations, UFPJ seeks to build a movement powerful enough to end the Iraq war and prevent new “pre-emptive” wars. We thank you for your good work, and we look forward to your active participation in the coalition.

There is a lot of important information about UFPJ below, but first we want to make sure that you know about our activities planned to mark the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. We are strongly supporting the Winter Soldier hearings, March 13-16, in Washington DC, organized by UFPJ member group Iraq Veterans Against the War. Veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, as well as Iraqis and Afghans, will tell the real story of this war and occupation. We are also organizing a day of nonviolent direct action on March 19 in Washington DC, and calling for and supporting local coordinated actions around the country on that day as well. For the latest info and details on how to get involved, please visit:

UFPJ held its 3rd National Assembly in June 2007. More than 300 delegates from UFPJ member groups gathered to discuss priorities and strategy for our work over the next 18 months. You can find a brief summary of the Assembly, as well as the Strategic Framework, Comprehensive Program and Structure and Functioning documents that were adopted at the Assembly here:

Now, on to some other items:

1) We've created a listing for your group in the Member Groups Directory on the UFPJ website, a feature which can steer individuals and journalists looking for groups in your area to your organization. To verify that the listing is accurate, visit the directory -- -- then scroll down and click on your state to find the listing. Send updates to

2) We've added the email address you provided us to our moderated, announcement-only listserv for UFPJ member groups. Posts to that list include notices of conference calls and nationally organized activities, new resources like leaflets and talking points, requests for input on strategy, etc. We will also add that email address to UFPJ’s national action alert listserv. (If you’re in the greater NYC or Bay Area regions, we’ll also add your email to the appropriate local listserv.)  

As the contact person for your group, please forward emails from these two listservs to the members of your group. This is our primary method for alerting the more than 1400 groups in our coalition to what is going on nationally and for coordinating our work.

3) I've attached important information on our primary listservs, the national office and staff, and UFPJ’s working groups and current Steering Committee below. Hopefully that will answer any questions you might have. If not, please check our website, as it is updated with new information regularly. If your question remains unanswered by these resources, please call the national office at 212-868-5545.

Let us know if there is anything the national office can do to help your local campaigns and projects -- we'll do our best! We also want to hear your ideas for resources or organizing materials we might be able to provide. We can't promise we can do everything, but we will certainly try. Email with any comments or questions.

4) One of the most important ways your group can help strengthen the coalition is by letting others know that you are a member group of United for Peace and Justice. Please be sure to mention it in press releases, on flyers for your events, on your website, etc. If your group has a website, please post one of the banners on the webpage below on your homepage, with a link to

5) At UFPJ’s 2005 assembly, our member groups voted to require UFPJ member groups to make an annual financial contribution and/or provide in-kind services on a sliding scale of $50-$500 or more, depending on their resources. We count on the dues from member groups to help cover the costs of sustaining the national coalition. UFPJ recommends the following contributions:

        Local organization with no paid staff: $50

        Local organization with paid staff: $100

        National organization with no paid staff: $200

        National organization with one paid staff: $300

        National organization with more than one paid staff: $500 or more

(If your group is a local chapter of a national organization, we recommend you follow the guidelines for local organizations.)

To pay by credit card, please use our online donation page -- -- be sure to list the full name of your organization and to choose “Member Group Dues” from the “Please direct my donation toward” dropdown menu. Or, call our office at 212-868-5545 to give us the information by phone. Specify your group’s name and that you’re making a member group contribution for 2008. 

If your group would like to pay by check, be sure to write “2008 Dues + Name of Group” in the memo line and make your check payable to United for Peace and Justice. Mail it to:

United for Peace and Justice
PO Box 607
Times Square Station
New York, NY 10108 

We look forward to working with you to end this war in Iraq and to promote peace and justice at home and abroad!


Susan Chenelle
Internet Coordinator
United for Peace and Justice



1) contact information for the UFPJ national office

2) national UFPJ staff

3) UFPJ's main listservs and other online tools

4) UFPJ's campaigns/working groups

5) current UFPJ steering committee



UFPJ national office phone number: 212-868-5545
UFPJ website:

UFPJ mailing address:
United for Peace and Justice

Times Square Station
PO Box 607
New York, NY 10108

UFPJ national office:
630 Ninth Avenue, Ste 215B
New York, NY 10036 

Anyone who would like to make a much needed and appreciated donation to support the work of UFPJ, can do so via our secure, online donation page:

UFPJ t-shirts, yard signs, buttons, stickers, magnets and more are available on our online storefront: … there are substantial discounts for bulk orders, which means they are good fundraising opportunities for your group! 



Leslie Cagan -- National Coordinator,
Judith Le Blanc – Organizing Coordinator,
Susan Chenelle -- Internet Coordinator,
Sue Udry -- Legislative Action Coordinator,
Nia Wiltshire -- Volunteer Coordinator,
Dick Buchanan – Finance Coordinator, 



UFPJ listservs are an important communication tool. Please use them to get key information your group needs as well as to share ideas and news with others.

There are three main listservs for all UFPJ member groups. In addition, each of the several working groups of UFPJ has its own listserv.

The three main UFPJ listservs are:

The internal announcements list for UFPJ. Each member group of UFPJ should have at least one representative subscribed to this list. If it would help facilitate communication and the sharing of information, we can add two or three more people from your group to this list. We will need the complete contact information for whoever is to be added: name, email, phone number(s), mailing address, etc. Please email with this information. 

This is a moderated list (all postings require approval), and it is intended solely for collectively agreed on announcements directly related to UFPJ internal business. Postings on this list include:

        UFPJ conference call & meeting announcements;
        notice of new resources available, like talking points, leaflets, etc.;
        announcements or updates re: UFPJ working groups;
        UFPJ calls to action.

This list is NOT used for posting news articles or event/campaign announcements (other than those organized or officially endorsed by UFPJ), and it is not a discussion list. These limitations are designed to make this email list an effective conduit of key information to member groups of UFPJ. If your group is not yet on this list, please email

The DISCUSSION LIST is for member groups to discuss UFPJ work, such as proposals for action, future strategies, etc. It is NOT intended for general, wide-open political discussion, nor is it a place to post news articles or event announcements. To subscribe, send a blank email to 

The NEWS LIST is designed for member groups to post news articles and event announcements of interest to member groups of UFPJ. Event announcements should be of at least regional interest, as this is a list of national scope.
Please do not use this list for discussion. To subscribe, send a blank email to

***If you have any questions or problems with any of the UFPJ lists, contact UFPJ’s Internet Coordinator, Susan Chenelle, at 

In addition to these lists (and those of the working groups listed below), we also send out (usually weekly) UFPJ action alerts. Please let the members of your group know they are all invited to join this list in order to receive the latest news about our work and opportunities to take action. To subscribe, go to, fill out the form, and choose UFPJ Nat’l Action Alerts.

UFPJ also maintains a Grassroots Action blog, highlighting reports from grassroots actions for peace and justice around the country. UFPJ member groups are encouraged to send brief reports and photos and/or video of their actions to so that we can post them on the blog.



To learn more about the work of any of these groups, please contact one of the conveners directly. 

1) Legislative Action Network -- Convener: Gael Murphy, CodePink ( Staff person: Sue Udry ( To subscribe to the listserv, send a blank email to

2) Counter-Recruitment -- Conveners: Oskar Castro, American Friends Service Committee ( and Liz Rivera Goldstein, TeenPeace Project. To subscribe to the listserv, send a blank email to 

3) Nuclear Disarmament/Redefining Security -- Convener: Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation ( To subscribe to the listserv, send a blank email to

4) Iran – Convener: Robert Naiman, Just Foreign Policy ( To subscribe to the listserv, send a blank email to 

5) Nonviolent Direct Action -- Conveners: Lisa Fithian, Root Activist Network of Trainers (, David Meieran, Pittsburgh Organizing Group, Michael McPhearson, Veterans For Peace. To subscribe to the listserv, send a blank email to



The list below reflects the current membership of the steering committee. A few of the representatives elected at UFPJ’s 2007 National Assembly have since been replaced.

Dana Balicki, CODEPINK-Women for Peace
Frida Berrigan, War Resisters League
Steve Burns, WI Network for Peace and Justice
Jackie Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation
Kelly Campbell, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Lisa Fithian,
Alliance of Community Trainers/Root Activist Network of Trainers
Joseph Gainza, American Friends Service Committee,
Issac Giron, Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice (UT)
Nora Gordon,
Brooklyn for Peace (NY)
Van Gosse, Historians Against the War
Rev. Graylan Hagler,
Plymouth Cong. UCC/Ministers for Racial, Social & Economic Justice
Angela Helwig, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
Henning, U.S. Labor Against the War
Hany Khalil, War Times
Kielson, New York City UFPJ
Siu Hin Lee, National Immigrant Solidarity Network
George Paz Martin,
Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace (National Co-Chair)
Omar Masri, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Michael McPhearson, Veterans For Peace (National Co-Chair)
Perry O’Brien,
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Baltazar "Bal" Pinguel, American Friends Service Committee, National
Saif Rahman, Institute for Policy Studies
Anne Roesler, Military Families Speak Out
Erik Rosenberg, Students for Ending the War in
Iraq (SEWI), Wesleyan University
Meg Scata, American Friends Service Committee, CT
Chris Schwartz,
Cedar Valley United for Peace and Justice (IA)
Anthony Shafton, Chicagoans Against War and Injustice (CAWI)
Prasad Venugopal,
Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network