Democratic Rally 21 Sep 2018

rally crowd

Cloudy, but decent day. No weather to complain of. We had a decent crowd when I took this, but it had grown to fill the stadium by the time the "headline attraction" had arrived.

waiting outaide

This is the line to get in, snaking around within the three-quarters square that we at first made.


Good view of the stage with the jumbotron TV screens on either side.


The jumbotrons gave a pretty good picture, even when you took a picture of it.

View from my seat

Unfortunately, this was the view from my seat. The press people had a stand and frequently stood directly between me and the subjects I wanted to get pictures of. Anyway, that's the Democratic candidate for Congress for my district, Madeleine Dean.

Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf, Governor of PA. As you can see, I hadn't quite gotten the range yet. Found in following pictures that if I extended my telephoto lens to is maximum length, I could get a decent resolution.

Bob Casey

PA Senator Bob Casey.


Between the local candidates and the Governor and Senator, the crowd had swelled to fill most of the empty seats.


And the star of our show appeared! Dressed in a casual shirt because he wasn't a candidate for anything.

Obama 2

Think someone was heckling at this point. Barack Obama knew that most people could only hear that someone was shouting something or other, so he responded "Right!" "Absolutely!"

Obama 3

Overall, Obama kept the tone upbeat. Made a few criticisms of the incumbent here and there, but mostly focused on positive Get-Out-The-Vote stuff. "Don't complain! Vote!"

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