Social Forum Philly 2015

June 24-28

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Here was one of the larger workshops at the Philadelphia Social Forum. We had over 130 of them of all sizes and focussing on all sorts of subjects.

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This workshop examined mass incarceration and four people gave testimony as to the extent of the problem. I personally went to workshops on the TPP, undocumented immigrants in New Jersey, mapping non-mainstream commercial market resources and a proposal for consolidating lefty movements to make them more effective.

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We filled up the Student Center at Temple University (A little over two miles NNE of Philadelphias City Hall on Broad Street) to make it seem almost like a mall of lefty books, posters, artwork, clothing and information resources.

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There was a march planned for Saturday, but the rain prevented that and the rain got very heavy during the evening, which made it difficult to get to any other activities later. Update: I was present when the march was supposed to begin, but it seems I left too soon as another member reports that the march went ahead and that everyone had a good time.

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Our "About" page identifies 25 different organzations that participated in and contributed to the event. It describes it as "The Philadelphia USSF is anchored by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign and Disabled In Action, and rooted in the themes of immigration, political democracy, disability, youth rights and poverty. As a movement we will create spaces for strategy discussions, political education, People's Movement Assemblies, local actions, art and culture, convergences, movement schools, marches, housing takeovers, community building, healing, and collective empowerment. We know that a better world is possible and that it can be achieved."

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The singer opening up our closing ceremony. We had a number of inspiring speeches concerning how much work went into the event and how much the participants (Not sure yet what the total count was, but we ran out of boxes of arm tags on Saturday morning and the workshops generally had good attendances, so well over a thousand, I believe) gained from being there. Social-Forum-150628-00118 (209K)

All in all, a good time of learning and connecting was had by everyone and we all went away the better and richer for the experience.