Mt. Airy Day

An annual day for the Mt. Airy neighborhood to enjoy the spring weather and to get out and share.

fumcog table
The FUMCOG table, where we had materials for making Mothers' Day cards with.

two kids
Two girls try their hands at making cards. That's one of our "Doves of Peace" in the foreground.

wandering around
Wandering over to the other side of the park.

the Green Party
Here's our local Green Party, signing people up for all sorts of activities.

Local Communist Party, doing the same.

circling back
Circling back towards the FUMCOG table.

fumcog table
Still more card creations.

Had more or less continuous music all day from this stage.

Video (MPG 4) of band.

Video of girls "dancing" (In a few years, they'll get the idea of moving to the music).

And of course, how can we have a fair without food?