Hi gang,

Just an important reminder to let
everybody know it will be time for the Gay  Pride Parade here in Philly.
Veterans for Peace 31 and 96, Delaware Valley Veterans for America 144 endorsed by the World Can't Wait and Prawn call for you and other activists alike. We call other organizations to participate in union with us as well.

Every activists who attended last year now know of their personal and shared experience like no other in Philadelphia Gay History. And what was so astounding is that both gay and straight partners and non-partners marching together.

Yes, we  Peace Veterans and The World Can't Wait and Prawn made history for the first time here in our City of Brotherly Love.
Veterans for Peace 31 and Delaware Valley Veterans for America 144. In addition, some Veterans for Peace Chapter 96 from Southern N.J. joined the parade thanks to Raymond and Nancy Smith.

Yes, the thrill of the crowd cheering
all the way with extra pride in their hearts was truly overwhelming.
Bill Perry played heart rendering taps around the area where the Tombstone Display used to be located; now sits the reviewing stand. Besides we won a placard for the best "Public Statement".

In addition, we got great press all the way up to Boston and written up twice in the Philadelphia Gay News.
Monique Frugier had taken great videos and John Grant and Bill Perry had taken
excellent photos as well.

We also tabled at Penn's Landing due to the expertise of Mike Felker. If desired the Penn's Landing entrance fee is 20.00 Dollars all proceeds go towards maintaining the parade as a whole. 
Sandra Fulton from Delaware Veteran for America and the Grannys Peace Brigade made excellent signs and Koyuki from the Word Can't Wait made the large main banner.

Yes, we Peace Activists finally joined with New York and California in helping to promote non-civilian and civilian Human- Rights.

From all my heart I write:
It's too bad for the ones that missed out
but never too late because there remain years to come I hope. It was so different
it's hard to explain. You see, you had to be there. It was so large, different and colorful in nature. Also we had loads of fun in the process.

I'm extremely proud of all who attended this remarkable event last year.
With open arms I welcome all and more like these great citizens to join us in unison this year.

I will continue emailing just this one informal notice until I feel everyone or almost everyone reads this important message.

Date- Sunday June 13
Time- Parade march starts at 12 am sharp.
Meeting place-243 South 13th Street (outside)
Phone-215 893 0958
Email address-poet3332003@webtv.net

We will have some banners and signs such as Don't Ask Don't tell, gay marriage and  so on. We also encourage to bring your own signs and banners as well. Anti-war signs would also be highly appreciated in tune with peace on earth.

Will have bathroom accommodations inside. Besides there will be Porte potties
for outside use, compliments of the parade organizers.

The parade route will start around 13th and Locust and end at Penn's landing.
It won't be necessary to draw a map because the parade route could change slightly. it's very easy we will follow the parade itself and the contour of the sideline bystanders.
It will be a slight trek though but with the roar of the crowds, it will seem like nothing.   

P.S. It would be great to see some new faces this year. We just don't need experts who march, we need plain marchers as well.

Thanks loads ya all.

Robert William Dennen