Remembering Doctor George Tiller
(August 8, 1941 – May 31, 2009)

At Love Park

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim.


Tiller has long been a focal point of protest by abortion opponents because his clinic, Women's Health Care Services at 5701 E. Kellogg, [Wichita, KS] is one of the few in the country where late-term abortions are performed.


The other is that [Gov. Kathleen] Sebelius is the governor of the ground zero state that anti-choicers have marked off for killing, maiming and traumatizing women in the name of hating abortion that much.  Kansas is where Dr. George Tiller works, and he is one of the two doctors in the country that specializes in the very small percentage of abortions performed late in pregnancy (but before viability) done for health reasons, usually because the pregnancy is a danger to a woman’s health or life, or because the fetus is dead or dying.


James Kirchick of WSJ [is]...pulling the “anti-abortion groups condemned the attack” bullshit, but this, while technically true, is a misleading statement.  They offered mealy-mouthed reminders that murder is a sin and, more importantly, a crime, and then they said that Dr. Tiller had it coming.


[Fox News talk show host Bill] O'Reilly wrote that "far-left loons ... immediately blamed me and Fox News for inciting Tiller's killer. Even though I reported on the doctor honestly, the loons asserted that my analysis of him was 'hateful.' " O'Reilly continued: "Chief of among the complaints was the doctor's nickname, 'Tiller the baby killer.' Some pro-lifers branded him with that, and I reported it. So did hundreds of other news sources." However, O'Reilly has not only "reported" on the term's usage by "pro-lifers," but he has adopted it himself, repeatedly referring to Tiller as "the baby killer" on his Fox News show: [examples follow]


A patient and daughter of a patient of Dr Tiller remembers him. Dr Tiller left behind a wife, four children and 10 grandchildren.

Tiller's slaying comes as President Obama, who supports abortion rights, has called for the opposing sides to find common ground. "I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning," Obama said in a statement. "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

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RIP Dr Tiller.