15 August 2009

We had a nice, healthy crowd for our party. The idea of the party was to relax and "let our hair down," but it was also to get updates from each other about what we had planned for the near future. The party took place in the lower floor of the Calvary Church at 48th & Baltimore.

getting evil eye
Our first speaker, Berta Joubert, talked of Latino issues. That's our moderator Rich Gardner right behind her. He maintains the PRAWN website.

These two, Mary Kay O'Donnell was one, were from Philly4Health. Health care is a really hot issue at the moment with President Obama "going all wobbly" on the Public Option.

 Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez spoke on Immigration Rights.

Joe Piette
Joe Piette of IAC speaks the case of the Fort Dix Five.

Bill Perry
Bill Perry fills us in on what the Iraq Veterans Against the War and Delaware Valley Veterans of America will be doing.

Green Party
The head of GPOP, Hillary Kane, the Green Party of Philadelphia. That's Gene Miller sitting next to Gardner, he's also a Green Party member and kept the time for the speakers.