Health Care rally


rally for healthcare
Healthcare rally in front of the Cigna Headquarters @ 16th and Chestnut Street, Philly. This was part of a national action in support of HR 676.

Even the new progressive administration in Washington D.C. proposes yet another convoluted hybrid plan that will do little if anything to relieve our health care system of the $660 Billion dollar annual burden of obscene corporate profits, grotesque CEO salaries and the administrative nightmare caused by the existence of over 1200 competing insurance company systems. There is a bill in Congress RIGHT NOW that will change all that and actually create a single-payer national health insurance system for all in the United States simply by expanding and improving Medicare, one of the best and most efficient medical managements systems in the world.

HR 676 is supported by Congresspeople John Conyers (D-MI) and Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) along with 53 co-sponsors. There are many things citizens can do to help this important cause along.

milling about
I was very interested to see a piece in the Inky about how Republicans and health insurance companies were very concerned that private health insurance firms would not survive competition against a publicly-funded health insurance plan. Funny thing, though. The piece didn't say why that would be a bad things for either citizens or patients.

How good is President Obama's plan on health care? Pretty good. Definitely some items that can be improved upon, but definitely has some items that are well worth supporting.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich details the opposition to the public option in the health care bill.

Me & Larry
Fellow PRAWN member Larry and I make our feelings on health care known.