March in Washington DC

Monique Frugier
Monique Frugier, our announcer on the bus and photographer on the march. We were on the way to DC to express our opinion on the wat.

packing the bus
Packing up the bus. Bush announced plans for a troop increase for Iraq. We were expressing our opposition to such a move.

in Washington
Shortly after getting off the bus and before assembling on the Mall. Bush undertook a rather dangerous move yesterday by authorizing the killing of any Iranians found in Iraq.

on the Mall
From Common Dreams:

So it was that one of the most popular signs at Saturday's rally in Washington read: "I Voted for Peace."

An equally popular sign, distributed by United for Peace and Justice, the group that played a central role in organizing the demonstrations, read: "Congress: Stand Up to Bush!"

Both signs were necessary messages on Saturday because, while there is no question that Americans voted November 7 for peace, there is still a great deal of uncertainty about whether the Congress that was elected will, in fact, tell the president that it is time to bring the troops home.


Yer heroic narrator.


Beginning the march. With the Democrats having just taken over the House and the Senate, there's a danger that they'll be excessvely bipartisan

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have repeatedly promised to work "from the middle." They've declined to make clear how far they'll push to undo the Republicans' tax cuts for the rich, to pass aggressive legislation to combat environmental crises such as global warming, or to use their power of the purse to chart a new course in Iraq. It seems clear that Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid are convinced that undoing the Bush agenda would be good for America, but they are worried that pursuing a confrontational agenda could turn off the independent voters who split in their direction just enough in 2006 to give them their narrow majorities.

on the march

Actor plays Bush. I told him he was evil.   


More marching. New Senator James Webb (D-VA) blasts Bush:

"[As a war president] Bush arguably has committed the greatest strategic blunder in modern memory. To put it bluntly, he attacked the wrong target. While he boasts of removing Saddam Hussein from power, he did far more than that. He decapitated the government of a country that was not directly threatening the United States and, in so doing, bogged down a huge percentage of our military in a region that never has known peace. Our military is being forced to trade away its maneuverability in the wider war against terrorism while being placed on the defensive in a single country that never will fully accept its presence."

The march made a 180o turn and headed back the other way. Heh! Bush's Stae of the Union speech of a few days ago was so garbled and cryptic that a cryptologist turns to the DaVinci Code to help make sense of it.


Pro-war guys along the way.


Chillin' on the route. The blogs today, like the intel system used by American revolutionaries during the 1770s, are and were very decentralized. That's a source of strength and we should continue to cultvate it.

Bush again!

Another evil guy!

home stretch

Coming down the home stretch! Awesome to see how many of us there are!


Chillin' & relaxin' at the buses before heading back home.