Last Friday Protest

23 Feb 07


Gold Star Mother Celeste Zappala (Her son, Sgt Sherwood Baker, perished in Iraq 26Apr04), holds a flag and a sign asking motorists to honk and protest the Iraq War. Behind her is a member of Veterans For Peace Chapter 31.


David Kalkstein, a New Jersey member of PRAWN and of Veterans For Peace #144, waves.


Bill Perry here does the designing and writing for Veterans For Peace #144 (I do the actual web composition). There are some legal wrangles over our exact status, so we officially refer to ourselves at the Delaware Valley Veterans for America. We also do the site Arlington Liberty Bell (Combination of Arlington Cemetery and where it was placed, just opposite the Liberty Bell). 


The Assistant Minister for FUMCOG, the First United Methodist Church Of Germantown, David Eckert.  Celeste & I are both members, so the Last Friday protest had four peace groups represented.  We also had Brandywine Peace Community for our last protest there. 


As one can see by my eyes, I was badly in need of a nap here.  It was a blast anyway.