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Getting to DC via Chinatown bus - leaves from 55 N. 11th St. Philadelphia, PA, 19107.(Click on the link for map), Bus arrives at and leaves Washington DC from 513 H St NW Washington, DC 20001 (click on the link for map).
Bus is $15 one way, $28 two way.
Times from Philly one-way are 8:30am, 9:00am, 11:30am, 12:00noon, 4:30pm, 5:00pm.
Times from Philly with return trip included are 8:00am, 12:00noon, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm.
Greyhound - One way - $42.50 refundable, $25.00 non-refundable
Two-way - $85 refundable or $43 non-refundable
12:01pm from Philly to DC and either 11:30am or 7:15pm from DC to Philly the next day

Amtrak - Tickets one way are $42, $60, $122 or $137; travel time is one & one half hous to a little over two hours; lots of times available.

We of the IVAW are asking congress members and senators to simply do this.

MARCH 6, 2008 in Washington, D.C.
Subcommittee hearing on flushing another $100 billion down the Iraq occupation.

MARCH 7-9, 2008 in Washington, D.C.: NCOR
National Conference on Organized Resistance

MARCH 10 to 12, 2008 (Monday to Wednesday) in Washington, D.C.: Stop-Loss Congress
This March, while tens of thousands of Americans in Washington, D.C., and all over the United States will be participating in acts of nonviolent civil resistance to protest the ongoing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and involuntarily deployed U.S. soldiers and innocent civilian victims will begin another year of occupation, torture, and murder, U.S. congress members will be on vacation (from the 15th to 30th, technically a "district work period"), ignoring the killing and suffering they have enabled, supported, and financed.

To intensify the irony, Congress has condoned a widespread stop-loss policy in the military which requires soldiers to involuntarily extend their tours and prolong the killing. It is time to Stop-Loss Congress!

Breaking news!! Victory!! Congressman Dennis Kucinich agrees to comply with Stop-Loss "Order"!!

On Monday March 10, and Tuesday March 11, we will deliver "official" stop-loss notices to all members of Congress in their Capitol Hill offices. These will notify them that all of their LEAVES, VACATIONS and HOME VISITS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED until further notice. Just as they require that active-duty personnel endure involuntary extensions of their tours of duty, we, the people for whom they work, are notifying them that they, too, will have their tours of duty INVOLUNTARILY EXTENDED until every foreign soldier and mercenary is out of Iraq, and home. When all the troops and contractors get home, then Congress can go home, and no sooner.

Monday evening March 10, 10 PM: Party at St. Stephen's Church with political HIP HOP performers SON of NUN and HEAD ROC, Admission is by donation.

Tuesday evening March 11, 6PM-8PM: Premiere of the documentary film "DAD ON FIRE BLUES" by filmmaker Scott Haman at BUSBOYS & POETS in Washington, D.C. Carlos Arredondo will speak. Rick Burnley will recite poetry. LIVE Music by EMMA'S REVOLUTION.

Click for flyer:

On Wednesday March 12, We will take nonviolent action on Capitol Hill, to ensure that, while thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, and foreign invaders die and are injured for life, the members of Congress and their staffs do not go home but remain to DO THEIR DUTY, and immediately end the funding of the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. No members of Congress goes home until THE TROOPS COME HOME.


Veterans & Labor March , Wednesday, March 19th
West side of 7th Street, NW, btw Madison and Jefferson (on the National Mall)
Assemble at 9:00 AM, march at 10:00 AM
    This is one of many marches marking the start of the 6th year of Occupation.

Details at
March to End the Occupation with Labor & Vets on March 19 in DC

LABOR: Take Action against the occupation of Iraq in the Nation's Capitol on March 19th!
March with VFP, VVAW, and Iraq Veterans Against the War 
    Unions, labor antiwar activists and labor supporters are urged to march with the Vets on March 19th to demonstrate opposition to the occupation of Iraq and to demand an immediate return of all U.S. military forces and contractors.
Can somebody step up, and answer questions and organize car pools, etc., for this?  The WS I&A thing has me really bizzy.
Bill Perry
Delaware Valley Veterans For America

Disabled American Veteran, VVAW, VFP, VFW, VVA



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What World Can't Wait will be doing

What the Black Bloc will be doing