UFPJ 5 Years Too Many

*Check out websites for more info:*
 www.5yearstoomany.org &*


Here are some resources available on 5yearstoomany.org that can assist with your local organizing:

Media Kit: A sample press release, and tips for getting media coverage of your local event.

Posters and Flyers:
* 5 Years Too Many full-page flyers with room for local information to be added.

* Bush's Iraq "Surge": "Mission Accomplished" This Time? by UFPJ and War Times (PDF file available in English and Espaņol with space to add local contact info)

* UFPJ 2008 Program of Work (4-page PDF)

* * Banners: UFPJ has been able to arrange for very cheap production of banners that you can use on stages, in marches or in other activities you are organizing. The banners will be made on yellow vinyl with black lettering. (This provides an excellent contrast for both color and black and white photographs -- especially important for media coverage.) They will withstand bad weather and can be used again by your group. All of the banners will, in smaller lettering, say United for Peace and Justice with our URL, but there will be plenty of room for your message and your group's name. We wish we could offer these for free, but we will have to charge you for the cost of the banner and the shipping (but it will still, most likely, be cheaper than what you'll be able to find locally). If you are interested in this, please send a memo with the dimensions of the banner you want, as well as the text you want on the banner. Send this info to organizing@unitedforpeace.org
we will get back to you with details re: cost, timing, etc.

Arm Bands: The UFPJ Delaware Valley Network is using Iraq Moratorium armbands in their 5th anniversary events.
Arm bands can be ordered here

Videos: Share these videos to spread the word about the 5 Years Too Many actions.

How to Access Winter Soldier Broadcasts

Ideas for local actions:

Resources for Planning Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience: