A highlight of the Moratorium Day will be a Regional Rally on the State House Steps, 125 W. State Street in Trenton, NJ from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM. Car-pooling from Princeton to this event will leave the Princeton Shopping Center (Rite Aid end) at 11:15 AM. Also, Harvey Chanin nephillyactivist@yahoo.com  215-698-2422 will be coordinating car-pools from Roosevelt Mall in front of Macy's at 11:00 A.M.

Confirmed speakers to date include:

7   The Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of CFPA
7   Larry Hamm,
Chair of the Peoples Organization for Progress
7   Bruce Tornari, a disabled combat veteran of the Vietnam War
7   Ladonna Blount, Organizer with NJ Citizen Action


Siri Om Singh, a Trenton-based performer, will perform peaceful music with his interfaith, interracial group. For further information, visit CFPAs website: www.peacecoalition.org or call their office at (609) 924-5022.


This Rally is one of 30 events CFPA and its chapters are planning for the fifth anniversary of the War. Over 500 are planned nationally, which are being coordinated by United for Peace and Justice, the largest US peace and justice coalition; and by Moveon.org


Among the 30 activities planned in the region are Vigils at Congressional Offices and on bridges between New Jersey and Pennsylvania; Marches and Rallies in Atlantic City and at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), and at the Lockheed Martin facility in Newtown, PA; a walk-out at Princeton High School; and Teach-ins at Bucks County Community College and at TCNJ. Further details on all activities, along with respective contact persons, are on the list at the end of this press release.


This war has lasted five years too many, said the Rev. Robert Moore, CFPAs Executive Director.  We have lost nearly 4,000 US troops, while over 50,000 have been seriously wounded. Reliable estimates are that over 500,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed, and more than four million displaced as refugees. It is time to say: Not one more death, Not one more dollar.


Moreover, Rev. Moore continued, the US economy is now entering an Iraq recession caused at least partly by the estimated $3 trillion the war is costing. Meanwhile urgent needs for job creation, health care, education, infrastructure, and reversing global warming are being starved for funds. This is profoundly immoral and destructive to the American people.


All this is justified by the continued deception that the surge is working. The only thing that is working is to deceive the American people and the media into thinking Iraqs problems are being solved, when in fact ethnic cleansing has segregated Iraqis into enclaves, and short term alliances with Sunni insurgents are temporarily leading to fewer casualties. The truth is that the fundamental problems are not being solved, they are only being put off to the next Administration so President Bush can say he didnt lose Iraq, concluded Rev. Moore.