Occupy Philadelphia
began on Thursday 6 October
at City Hall

The Meeting

And: A look at the OccupyWallStreet encampment

Occupation of Philly Day 1

Occupy Philadelphia Facebook Page
RT.com has started an Occupy Wall Street page

Day 2
More Day 2 pictures from Facebook buddy and LAVA friend

Day 3
At night

Rally/March by Philly Against War and Occupy Philly

20th Day of the Occupation
Brandywine Peace Community
joins the Occupiers
every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 5:30pm

City of Philadelphia wants to re-take Dilworth Plaza in order to initiate repairs

16Nov update: Occupy Philly is discussing plans on the 17th to move out
from around City Hall in order to avoid eviction by the city.

YouTube video by Monique Frugier
Occupy Wall Street & Occupy Philly together!

Thinkpiece on Occupation and voting
(Includes pictures and video of march with AFSCME on Nov 17th)

Eviction threatened
But not carried out

After the eviction
was supposed to have taken place

Post-Occupation march

Summary of Occupation of Dilworth Plaza

Observing Tenth Anniversary of beginning of Afghan War

 6 October
Washington DC
Freedom Plaza


Facebook photos on Washington DC Occupation