Friday, March 21 - Iraq Moratorium Day #7

In communities around the country antiwar activities will be taking place as part of the monthly Iraq Moratorium this coming Friday. On the 3rd Friday of every month since Sept. 2007 organizers have coordinated a range of creative ways to express opposition to the war and occupation. 

This month the Iraq Moratorium's national organizers have produced a new postcard to be sent to representatives and senators, acknowledging the unfortunately soon-to-be 4,000+ soldiers killed in Iraq. Please see below for more info if you'd like to utilize this new resource.

We know that many of your groups already have activities and protests planned on and around the 5th anniversary of the war this week - some of your groups have a full program of events! If you have an event planned for Friday, or if you have some energy to plan something for Friday, we hope you will link it to the Iraq Moratorium.

One of the core assumptions of the Iraq Moratorium is that most of the people who want the war to end have yet to find a way to engage in antiwar activism. The goal is to offer what might be called "entry level" activities - things that people can do easily, in their own community or workplace. Of course, we then hope these same people will become engaged in the ongoing efforts to end the war and bring the troops home. For examples of what's already planned for Iraq Moratorium Day #7, and resources to help you do this work, click here:

The national organizers of the Iraq Moratorium have produced a new postcard for people to sign and send to their representative or senator. The front of the card simply says, in large white letters on a black background, 4,000+. The text on the back says:


Over 4,000 US troops dead.

More than a million Iraqis dead, men women children.

Their country devastated, and ours in deep trouble.

It has to stop. I join thousands and thousands of your constituents in demanding that you take decisive action to end this war and bring the troops home.

Please do your job."

You should be able to order these cards through the Iraq Moratorium website:  (If you go to the site and can't find this, please go back in another day or so...they'll have it up soon!)

And one more reminder: There are now 604 events listed on our calendar of local actions around the 5th anniversary! It is not too late to list activities that you have planned. Just click here:

Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ