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People like the Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrstem Sinema really have to begin to recognize that we are not dealing with a set of rational people on the other side of the aisle! Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and pundits like Tomi Lahren are the public face of the Republican Party today.

Yep! Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema are far more helpful to Republicans then they are to Democrats!

When you watch this young woman juggle, please keep in mind she also just won a major spelling bee!

This appears to have been the same problem Michael Flynn had in 2016. Flynn contacted the Russians, going outside ny official channels, and thereby came to the NSA's attention. If Tucker Carlson had also contacted the Russians, then it's highly likely the NSA would have vacuumed up those communications as well.

OMG! That's hilarious! What's the color of the sky in Stephen Miller's universe?

Stephen Miller: "No President in history has been dealt a better hand on day one than President Biden."

What Biden inherited:

This on the "martyrdom" of Ashli Babbit is why I've never seen Mike Pence or Nikki Haley as the heirs to the Republican Party. Trump's party is a radical one that has no intention of following a moderate, policy-focused, realistic path.

There are laws against Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Why? Are these anti-memory laws?

When certain people tell you who they are, we should believe them the first time!  Representative Chip Roy of Texas is entirely credible.

"Honestly, right now, for the next 18 months, our job is to do everything we can to slow all of that down to get to December of 2022, and then get in there and lead," the Texan was recorded saying.

For the international community to assist Gaza in rebuilding is enormously complicated by the fact that Gaza remains under siege by Israel. All aid must pass through Israeli checkpoints, meaning Israel can arbitrarily attach conditions, such as the return of Israeli hostages, onto any aid that goes to Gaza.

Iceand finds that workers get just as much done in a shorter work week. Not surprising.
My sister worked for a company that occasionally expanded its hours in order to get more work done. She claimed that the tactic never worked. People would simply stretch out eight hours of work to fill ten hours.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones (1619 Project) put in for tenure at the University of North Carolina. UNC hemmed and hawed and fussed and fidgeted and finally said yes. By that time, Hannah-Jones said "Nah" and she and $20 million in funding is going to the HBCU Howard University.

The mega-donor who apparently created the mess with Nikole Hannah Jones and UNC, Walter Hussman, tried really, really hard to see that Hannah-Jones did not succeed.

Update (2 Aug): NC Republican Representatives Virginia Foxx and Greg Murphy both objected to Hannah-Jones getting tenure.

Seriously, Hannah-Jones is leaving a dumpster-fire behind!

Truly amazing how politics so closely mirrors your risk from the coronavirus. Biden carried the 19 states where vaccination is over 70%, TFG carried the 17 where it’s below 60%.

Do Republicans have more "fraiends cross the aisle" than Democrats do or do the two sides just not live in the same areas? Pennsylvania is allegeldly "Pittsburgh, Philadepha and Alabama in-between." I very rarely have reason to venture outside metropolitan Philadelphia.

Y’know, July 5th of 20 years ago (2001) would have been a really good time to have let everyone in government know that there were warning signs of an imminent threat from al Qaeda!

Lots and lots of people (including myself) guffawed at the idea that Trump would pay Giuliani. Unfortunately for him, we were right.

Yep! Ashli Babbit was not a martyr! She was a "rioting terrorist!"

I don't agree with Andrew Bacevich on his view that the younger George Bush was in any way innocent or unknowing about going to war with Iraq. Bush deliberately, consciously, with malice and forethought, insulated himself from any people or information that might have caused him to have any second thoughts. There were many people in the last three months of 2002 that wanted to have a serious conversation with him. Bush shut them out.

That's pretty cool! Lafayette Square no longer looks like an armed camp in an occupied country!

You guys really sure you want to stick with fossil fuels?!?!?! A mud volcano interacts with an oil-drilling platform to create what looks like a mini-atom bomb explosion.

Nuclear plants may have problems, but coal-burning power plants are the real danger as they pour carbon into the atmosphere, which traps heat, which leads places like in South-West Canada to reach baking temperatures. Lytton is North of Vancouver and it hit 122 degrees, just the other day.

CNN is doing here what the advice columnist Miss Manners calls "mind reading." They're making wild, unsubstantiated guesses as to what the motivation of the Vice-President may be in taking certain actions. They shouldn't word their guesses as flat assertions. They don't know this! They're just guessing.

A very sad observation about how some op-eds aren't grounded in any reality. It's instead all guesswork and speculation. A columnist from the NY Times wants to describe the Jim Crow Era without bringing in the concepts of "systemic" or "structural" racism.

TFG claims “They didn’t go after Hillary Clinton and her foundation.” That’s simply not true. From the BBC:

The 2015 book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer laid out numerous examples of Clinton Foundation donations…


There have been no clear quid-pro-quo connections found in any of Schweizer's list of alleged transgressions.

Vanity Fair:

After more than two years, an inquiry into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s tenure at State is nearly done—and there’s reportedly absolutely nothing to show for it.

That's pretty amazing! A black hole swallows a neutron star!
Smithsonian contributes their take on it.

Heh! "Net" jobs means that they're deducting the jobs that were lost during the crashes in the last years of the younger George Bush and Trump. But yeah, that means that Biden has created more jobs in six months than both Bushes and Trump did in 16 years.

The rather hysterical reaction to former Senator McCaskill stating (accurately) that 6 January was worse than Benghazi shows that, yeah, she defnitely stuck a nerve!

The Republican scorched earth, win-at-all-costs strategy that they’ve been using since 2009 is proving to be a very bad one at this time. Democrats in the House have a quorum and are moving on their 6 January commission. Representative Liz Cheney was smart enough to get on board early. The House Minority Leader is still floundering.

White House Correspondent Peter Doocy is constantly trying, desperately, to make a name for himself as the guy who embarrasses the Democratic president’s spokesperson. Press Secretary Jen Psaki is more than his equal though, constantly leaving him with pie all over his face.

When it comes to human rights violations in the struggle between Israel and Palestine, neither side has completely clean hands, both are guilty of violations. But the violations by Israelis are far worse and far more systematic than are those of Palestinians.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy makes it absolutely crystal clear beyond a doubt that he is very deeply disturbed that Representative Liz Cheney would accept a committee assignment from Speaker Pelosi without going through him first. Not that he's threatening her, mind you. He's just very deeply disturbed, that's all!

Speaker Pelosi replies that they have a quorum now.

I rag on the NY Times a lot for being politically tone-deaf. NPR can be just as bad.

$%#@!!!! Yes, the heat wave in Canada has everything to do with human-caused climate change!

More on the Governor of South Dakota apparently renting out National Guard troops to cover the border with Mexico.

The pushback intensifies. Reminded me of when the Roman Empire started hiring mercenaries to guard their Northern borders. That was the beginning of their decline and fall.

Among other things, good reasoning as to why we’ll never know what the military knows about UFOs. Military doesn't want to give others too detailed a picture of our surveillamce capabilities and if we're missing things, we don't want others to know we can't see them. 

What does the UFO report show? That we definitely need a dedicated agency that can take in all the reports and can assess them all for plausibility and figure out what, if anything, we need to do about them.

I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised that the two Democratic senators who have been doing the most to slow up progress on Biden's agenda (Manchin & Sinema) have also been taking money from big oil.

Representative AOC offers her view on the scandal.

Phylicia rashad, who played Clair Huxtable in Cosby back in the day, says about Bill Cosby being freed: "FINALLY!!! A terrible wrong is being righted - a miscarriage of justice is corrected!"

No, there was no miscarriage of justice. He was guilty and got off on a technicality. Women who have been sexually abused are all despondent now as they see a wealthy, connected guy get off scot-free.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appears to be pretty desperate to prevent anyone from the Republican Party from serving on the 1/6 Commission.

Hmm. So TFG is saying that if “The Wall” isn’t painted, it’ll just rust away on its own. Cool! Saves us the trouble of having to dismantle it!

Yes, it is true that Republicans have used better rhetoric on funding police, but they very clearly have favored actually defunding the police.

An examination of the latest ranking of US president by historians. Trump comes after the presidents who came immediately before and after the Civil War (41 out of 44), Reagan and Obama are 9 and 10. Grant has improved his standing whereas Jackson had declined.