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Press Coverage of Protests on Fifth Anniversary of the Iraq War

Actions in Washington DC
Washington DC
Actions we can ALL work to support by Resist in March in Washington DC
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Actions we can ALL work to support by UFPJ-Delaware Valley Network in Philadelphia

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Click here to get access to Iraq Veteran's Against the War "Winter Soldier" testimony (Will take place March 13-16)

The 5th year of G. W. Bush‚€™s War on Iraq, March 29th is quickly coming up. We must speak truth to power and not acquiesce to more carnage. Too many returned military members with Post Traumatic Stress, or worse‚€¶ too many Iraqi refugees, or worse‚€¶ On October 27th many individuals, churches, synagogues, mosques & meetings joined in a ‚€œHuman Chain for Peace‚€�. WE must not lose hope.  Together,  we can & must continue to be the voice for peace.  Please, join us. 

Just to give you an idea of how many groups fit into this category, here is a list: 

Pacem in Terris (Delaware), Catholic Peace Fellowship, St. Vincent de Paul (Peace and Justice Ministry), Pax Christi USA, Bainbridge House, Catholic Worker House of Grace, St. Mary Magdalene Community, Christian Association (UPenn), New Jerusalem Now, Church of the Advocate, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Church of the Advent (Hatboro), Ethical Humanist Society (Philadelphia), Gloria Dei (Huntington Valley), Central Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting (Peace and Social Concerns), AFSC, Moorestown Friends (Food not Bombs), Buckingham Monthly Meeting, Germantown Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Arch St. Friends Meeting, Jewish Farm School, Jewish Voice for Peace, Bubbes and Zaydes (um, Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East, Shalom Center, Kol Tzedek Synagogue, Mishkan Shalom Synagogue, Germantown Mennonite Church (Peace and Justice Group), First United Methodist Church of Germantown, Arch Street United Methodist Church, Cookman United Methodist Church, Calvary United Methodist Church, Ashbury Protestant Ministry at Drexel University, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Restoration, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the South Jersey Shore,  Unitarian Universalist Church of Cherry Hill (Social Justice)


Now, it is time to plan for two regrettable events.  Six weeks from now (on March 19) we will pass the 5 year mark of the Iraq War.  We also expect that sometime during these weeks, the 4,000th U.S. casualty will take place.  I hope you agree with us that we cannot allow these events to go past unnoticed.

The folks who organized the amazing October 27th demo in Philadelphia, now have a name.  We are the United for Peace and Justice/UFPJ Delaware Valley Network. To mark March 19th, many events are happening in Washington DC.  Those of you who wish to take part can find out more information at the United for Peace and Justice (National) web site at:  and

When folks decide to go to DC, we are asking our groups to SEND THEM OFF and invite the press to cover the event.  Maybe a reporter and a photographer could accompany them to DC, too.

Locally, we are following common themes, but allowing our many groups to plan their own events.  Here are the common themes:

1.  We mark this period of time as "Not-Business-As-Usual" Time.  We call this a MORATORIUM.  Some of us will not go to work or to school on March 19th.  Some of us will do something at work or school to commemorate the day and educate others.  We encourage all of us to wear an armband.  The armband can be in any color; it will be without words, but with the number 5 and a circle around the 5.  Some of us will start to wear this arm band now and continue to do so until March 19. 

2.  We mark this period of time as "Time to CONFRONT OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS."  Some of us will hold vigils at their district offices.  Some of us will arrange to meet with them.  Some of us will write letters and post cards.  We will all ask that they stop funding this war, bring all the troops home, and care for them on their return.

3.  We mark this period of time as "Time to MAKE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE WAR AND THE RECESSION."  We note that the U.S. is in debt for over $400,000,000,000,000.  This is a debt that has been largely caused by spending on the war with money we do not have.  This is a debt our children and grandchildren will have to bear.  Is it any wonder that our country is going into recession? 

4.  We mark this period of time as "Time to REACH OUT AND TEACH OUT."  We see the need to hold educational sessions to teach others about the truth about this war and also about the erosion of our civil liberties (partly in connection with this war).

WE HOPE YOUR MOSQUE, MEETING, CHURCH, SYNOGOGUE OR GROUP will do something to mark this time and not let it go past unnoticed.  Please let us know what you plan to do and we will pass the word on.



MARCH 19‚€”ALL OF US!   STOP Funding WAR!   Stop Bush & Cheney!

I urge you to set aside March 19 to join this most important action in Washington DC at this most crucial time. We are down to the wire. Iraq. Iran. Torture. Spying. Fear. Fraud. Genocide. War crimes. Lies. We must let them know we will  resist and stop this insanity.





If anyone needs a reminder as to why we have to act now, watch this haunting video as well..."Je M'appelle Baghdad